London Calling

Before being elected and making history as San Francisco’s first African-American female mayor, London Breed made a surprise appearance at a recent Handful Players production: Roy Conboy’s play, “When the Clouds Got Stuck.” After watching the May 2018 performance at the African-American Art & Culture Complex, Mayor Breed said “those young people just put the biggest smile on my face, one that I haven’t had for a very long time.”

The mayor recalled performing on the same stage as a child and spoke passionately about the importance of the arts in youth development and creative cultural expression. “It was my first opportunity to step out on stage and be encouraged by people [like Handful Players teachers], who support young people and support making sure that they have opportunities to express themselves in such an amazing way…The arts [are] so important in transforming lives.”

To show her appreciation, the Mayor presented all of the Handful Players with certificates on behalf of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Watch Mayor London Breed’s Speech:

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