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Project Description

The Frisco Kid

Handful Players mastered the funky footwork of the ‘70s in “The Frisco Kid”, the true story of Lonnie “Pop Tart” Green, a legendary dancer from the Fillmore District’s strutting scene. A tribute to the Fillmore’s vibrant past, as performed by its future, “The Frisco Kid” is a testament to the value of looking back while moving forward. Written and directed by Bay Area hip-hop artist Rahman Jamaal and co-directed with Ben Baker, the production premiered on May 18, 2019 at the African-American Art & Culture Complex in San Francisco. The talented students of Rosa Parks Elementary School recreated pivotal moments from Lonnie’s childhood, when he first embraced dance at age 11. Hand-painted sets–created from the kids’ own impressions of the Fillmore– as well as archival images from back in the day provided an evocative backdrop. The theater was packed with an enthusiastic audience of family, friends, and diverse community members, cheering on the students as they retold a piece of their history. Handful Players also honored the memory of the late San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, a devoted supporter of the organization as well as causes important to youth and social justice.

The Frisco Kid
The Frisco Kid


May 2019


Rahman Jamaal


Rahman Jamaal & Ben Baker


Rahman Jamaal


René Walker


Joe Colmenares


James Knox


Donald Bowden


Buriel Clay Theater, African American Art & Culture Complex