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Project Description

Science Girl Around the World

To celebrate the wonder and mystery of science through theater, Handful Players commissioned the perfect person: Lauren Gunderson (the most produced playwright in the United States in 2016) to write “Science Girl Around the World.” As Lauren explained in her introduction to the play: “I’ve loved theater since I was a kid. I grew to love science because, like theater, there is so much drama in it! All that discovery and traveling and adventure, culling up the truths from the world, finding out the fundamentals of nature. It’s also very important to me to give young women (and young men, but especially young women) more models for THINKING heroes. Heroes that use their mind and their heart as much as their strength. We need a LOT more of those kinds of people in this world and I think every one of the students involved in this production could grow up to be one.”

“Science Girl Around the World” starred 3rd-6th grade students from John Muir, Carver, Clarendon, Fairmount, Spring Valley Science and Gateway Middle schools. The kids worked for more than eight months on the production with artistic director Ryan Marchand and music director Samantha Jackson and set designer Nannette Harris. Keyboardist Imanuel Junaedy performed live with his jazz band, including bassist Michael Shiono and drummer Richie Aguon.

Science Girl Around the World
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May 2012


Lauren Gunderson


Ryan Marchand & Samantha Jackson


Cassie Alcudia Thomas


Imanuel Junaedy, Michael Shiono, Richie Aguon


Louise Jarmilowicz


Nannette Harris-Jones


James Knox


Donald Bowden


Yoshi’s San Francisco