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Our vision

We stick to this script for taking kids to the next stage:

  • Children first: promote positive personal development and build self-esteem. Help children find their creative voice and stay on course. Their individual development always comes first. Children with no theatre experience and challenged self-esteem are particularly welcome.
  • Prep ‘em for the future: teach teamwork, communication, collaboration, presentation and organization — skills to help kids go far.
  • Diversity sets the stage: emphasize cultural, social, economic and racial diversity to enliven the community, enhance creativity and enrich all generations.
  • Cast a big light: involve exceptionally talented artists and educators committed to working constructively and collaboratively with the children to create innovative theater and cultural experiences for the children and community.
  • Play well with others: bring together diverse and isolated segments of the community - grassroots organizers, artists, volunteers with successful business careers - to work hands-on together to create theatrical productions and build community, one child at a time. Give contributors an inspired way to support children, education and the arts in San Francisco.